Baptisms at CUMC

Baptisms can be held during most Sunday morning worship services at CUMC. If you’re interested in being baptized into the Family of God, or having your child baptized, contact the church office:


The Meaning of baptism in the united methodist church

“Through baptism, we are born anew by the free gift of God and placed within this family called church. As we most families, we inherit a narrative, in this case God's mighty acts narrated in scripture. The narrative we inherit is not only one of the past, but one into which we are not invited and the Spirit empowers us to embody it in our own lives, here and now. Through baptism, we become part of that unfolding narrative of God's grace.” - Dr. Mark A. Stamm

What is Baptism?

“Baptism is one of two sacraments that most Protestant denominations acknowledge.  According to the Book of Worship, “Baptism is an act that looks back with gratitude on what God’s grace has already accomplished, it is here and now an act of God’s grace, and it looks forward to what God will accomplish in the future.  While baptism signifies the whole working of God’s grace, much that it signifies, from the washing away of sin to the pouring out of the Holy Spirit, will need to happen over the course of a lifetime … Baptism anticipates a lifetime of further and deeper experiences of God, further acts of Christian commitment, and ministries in the world.” 

Persons of any age may be baptized in the United Methodist faith.  Children who are too young to make the decision for themselves are presented by parents and/or sponsors; they will reaffirm the vows taken for them in baptism when they are confirmed.  United Methodists have the choice of sprinkling, pouring, or immersion.” - UMC.ORG